Spinach love

Spinach and Salmon easy lunch

This is and old photo I found going through my food folder and reminded me of this lovely and easy dish I like to prepare,when don't have lots of time to spend in the kitchen.
It's not heavy and it's suitable for dinner and lunch too.
Can be eaten as tapas too,warm or cold.
Could be a started or a main, just add some green leaf salad, tomatoes and cucumber.Why not thinly sliced red pepper too.
So what we'll need is:
200 gr smoked salmon
400 gr spinach- washed,drained
1 medium leek
1 courgette
5-6 eggs- beaten
30 ml double cream
150gr cheddar cheese
What we need to do now is:
Pre-heath the oven to 200C
In a large but nor deep pan, fry the leek, finely chopped first.
Meanwhile put in a big bowl spinach and sprinkle with some fine sea salt. Mix it with your hands and it will release water, so get a separate bowl and squeeze the excess water.
Then trow it in the cooked leeks.
Add the chopped courgette and stir it till all the water has disappeared. We do not want any water left. It's better if the courgette is slightly crunchy though.
Then comes the flaked fish.
Some chopped dill,black pepper.
Add the beaten eggs and the cream. Cook for a few minutes. Sprinkle the created cheese and put in the oven till golden.
All done!
Buen Apetito!


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