Omelette or Scrambled eggs with leftovers

My favourite day of the week - Friday!
Since I stopped officially working at weekends,Friday is my best loved day.
The weekend is approaching, everyone in the house is waiting to spend whole two days together.
But I wished it was let's say, 4 working days and 3 days for fun and creating great memories.
Anyway, we only have 2, so we have to make the most of it.
Friday is great day to have guests too.
And a great day for a great easy lunch...

What's better then a good old Omelette?!

According to the legend,Napoleon Bonaparte feasted on a omelette made by local innkeeper when traveling through Southern France. It was such a culinary delight that he ordered to the townspeople to gather all the eggs in the village and to prepare a huge omelette for the whole army the next day.

On March 19,1994 in Japan was made the largest omelette in the world with 160 000 eggs, but it was overtaken by an omelette made in Ontario,Canada on May 11,2002 which weighed 2.95 tonnes.

This delicious and easy dish is though to have originated in the Ancient Near East and has travelled to Western Europe via the Middle East and North Africa.
Each county has its own little change and adaptation to it and that's how we now have the Spanish tortilla. French omelette, Italian frittata,Iranian Khagine, Chinese egg foo yung,or oyster omelette, Denver omelette...the list goes on and on.

The Iranian one is made with egg beaten with sugar, 
The Denver omelette  also known as Southwest omelette is filled with diced ham,onions and green bell peppers.
A Greek omelette is made with egg-whites carefully mixed under the egg yolks and often a little amount of flour and sugar. Sometimes made with spinach,tomato,feta cheese and olive oil.
A Bauernomelette or Farmer's omelette, popular in Southern Germany and Austria is made with diced onions pieces of boiled potatoes and smoked bacon,get roasted and then the beaten eggs are poured over and gets cooked till ready.Often served with herbs,mushrooms,tomatoes,cornichons.

Everyone knows about the great Italian Frittata made with vegetables and sometimes even leftover pasta.

The Indian Masala omelette is made with addition of spices depending on the region. Chopped green chillies,chopped onions, coriander leaves or powder,cumin,turmeric.
In Netherlands usually consisting of 2-3 eggs,mixture of sautéed onions,mushrooms,leeks,bell peppers,peas,salt and pepper.

And of course the Spanish Tortilla de patatas - thick omelette containing sliced and sautéed in cooking oil potatoes.Could be added cooked onions too.Very rarely could find it with cheese,bell peppers and cooked diced ham.
Don't we all love eggs in some form or the other?

Here is my version of it...with some left over of my pastry filling.In a scrambled eggs shape and form:)

Chopped leek and garlic,courgette - sauteed in the pan,added chopped spinach,a tsp tomato puree, chopped chillies,salt and pepper,and not to forget 2-3 eggs.



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