Lazy soup

I can't believe how quickly this week has gone past and now it's Friday again.
We are going away for a few days and I had little time to cook, but I still had to feed the little army I have.
As we always do before going away, we try not to leave any food in the fridge that can go off,so I had a few vegetables to use and some chorizo.
It's cold again outside,so we are feeling like having some soup today.

Here is what I have used:

1/2 pumpkin
1/2 red pepper
1/2 yellow pepper

1 leek
3 big potatoes 
1 parsnip

1 small courgette
60gr chorizo

                                                           5 large mushrooms

All chopped into small cubes.

Fried the leek with the chorizo in some oil and butter,add some cumin,paprika,black pepper,cinnamon,sea salt. Added the mushrooms,then the rest of the vegetables. Broke a  vegetable stock cube, covered with hot water, added a very small bunch thyme,put the lid and let it all cook well.
I used my pressure cooker - this is my special partner in crime. Once it starts to make the lovely sound "ssssss" turned the hob to 1 and set the timer for 4 minutes. 
All done!
Blitzed it all,leaving some texture,so it's not like baby food,added some cream and

That's all!

I did make some cookies too,to take with us for our relatives in Spain.
Who says mums don't have time....

I always get my little one involved in cooking, It is great fun and...great mess too:)

Happy weekend to all!


rose said…
Здравей!:) Тази супичка ми изглежда доста здравословна, а аз си падам по супите и много ми се иска да я пробвам! Приятен уикенд!
Yana K. said…
Privet:)Dobre se poluchi supata,no s taz smetanka...:)))Ako q napravish shte se radvam da chuq otzivi.Vesel weekend i na teb!:)

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