Blink of an eye

Right, It has been a little while since I last posted something on this space, I have been packing in “my responsibility bag” one million things, plus the fact I was away for two weeks.
Do not be jealous though.Going back to the Mother country is never a holiday, in case you if don’t tell anyone and just go on the coast or somewhere high in the mountains that no one will find or see you..but I am sure even then you will bump into someone you know, relative or friend, or friend of a friend, who will grass you up eventually.
Don't get me wrong,we had some great moments too ( they were lots of them actually),but we were so busy that the time just flew by and we had to leave.
We didn’t manage to see half of the friends that we planed too, and didn’t do half of the things were on our list...One fine day, we hope we will do!
We visited some great places though, at least we had 1 week of chilling and fully enjoying the hot,sunny,cloudless summer in Bulgarian Mountains.
I am planning to tell you more about it in pictures. 
It was lovely, but very, very hot!
I don’t think i can function very well in 35-40 degrees, but I did fairly well.
We were very surprised with our son, who is already 3 by the way( more cake stories later) that the heath didn’t really bother him and he absolutely loved the freedom of playing whole day outside, getting dirty, running shoeless ( if there is such a word,huh),jumping in the water and getting soaking wet without anyone telling him off and changing his clothes every 3 minutes.
He absolutely had a blast!
We stayed for a few days with my husbands relatives and we met his lovely cousins.
Then we went to see my dad’s brand new guest house in the Mountains of Stara Planina. 
I have never been in this part of Bulgaria and absolutely was left speechless.
It was sooo green (even in this heath)...I just can’t describe it.
I am not a very Nature person. I grew up in the city and never had so cold “village” with the smell of animals and dusty roads.
Don’t get me wrong though, i do love to sit next to a river,see,on top of mountain...but It never used to give the WOW factor.
I think I am just getting older now and may be wiser...
My dad’s house is absolutely amazing, situated in a very small village near pretty and small town with friendly and honest people.
We stayed there 3-4 days ( we almost lost the connection with the reality ) and visited a few towns near by and few monasteries too.
It happened that my birthday was just then too, so I had the most relaxing and green birthday ever.

We sat outside till late, chatting and listening great music, eating lovely cake and drinking beer and wine (not mixed together)!
Them after such a tranquil few days,we had to go back to reality and headed back to Sofia.
Had lots and lots of things to organize and unfortunately couldn’t do everything I had planed to.
Anyway, here are some photos and some more words from my side to give some more idea what’s what...

This was an Art exhibition hold in Museum and a historic building in Elena town, used to be home to Ilarion Makariopolski and it was  build around 1710-1715 from stone and wood.

Decided to go for a walk in the woods near my dad's beautiful guest house.On this one I think they a re picking cherries.

  These kids are not all my own, but they got on so well, almost like brothers:)

This is part of the 
 Preobrajenski monastery, 7km from Veliko Turnovo city, build around 13-14th century but it has been burned down and eventually has been absolutely demolished trough the turkish invasion. It has been rebuild on the place where it is now in 1825 year.

This is the part that its not in use those days but the are refurbishing it.

The view from the monastery and you can notice the bees houses. (thats how I call them)

We were invited for a traditional coffee and Rakia.The best Rakia I have ever tasted( and I am not particularly great fen of it...but this one...I could have it again)

   Inside It's small but absolutely beautiful


  And this is another small Monasteri,near Arbanasi village ,called "Sveti Nikolay Chudotvorec".
I don't have many pictures from the inside as I wasn't sure if I was aloud to take any.

Veliko Turnovo city -Beautiful city with lots of history and character!

"Carevec" in Veliko Turnovo - Often referred to as the "City of the Tsars", Veliko Tarnovo is located on the Yantra River and is famous as the historical capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire.
The old city is situated on three hills, Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and Sveta Gora raising amidst the meanders of the Yantra. Tsarevets housed the palaces of the Bulgarian Emperors and the Patriarchate with thePatriarchal Cathedral, as well as a number of administrative and residential edifices
surrounded by thick walls. 

The "Asenevtsi" monument is dedicated to the

brothers Asen, Petar, Kaloyan and Ivan Asen 

II. It was built in 1985 to celebrate the

 800th anniversary of the uprising of Asen and 

Petar, which led to the liberation of Bulgaria 

from the Byzantine Empire. 


The House with the Monkey is situated near the  

 Samovodska charshiya. It was built in 1849 by

 Kolyo Ficheto for the merchant Nikola Koyuv

The best Summer soup ("Tarator" in bulgarian) ...or we must have been soooo ever heated and tired.


The welcoming entrance of my dad's guest house,where we spent those relaxing and absolutely peaceful few days.


And this the view from the lovely terrace....Missing those early mornings with hot coffee in my hand swinging slowly and waking up with the light and fresh breeze in my face...


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