Photography with kids, more family time is what we all need

Well, as it's my first post for the year -Happy new Year to you all!

I hope you had great fun, and 2018 has started positively. 
Mine has been great so far and I wish to you and to myself to be even better then the last! But don't we all hope for health, shelter, prosperity and happiness!? This is all we need. 

Family is everything for me. 

Since last year we started a new trend in our family: on the 1st of January we all sit down in the afternoon with a paper and a pen near us. We talk about the year just gone and what we liked and didn't like about it, what we would like to happen in the new year and what can we do to improve it. 

One of the things that is on the list for the second time ( as its the second time we have done this) is more family time and more one to one with the kids. Proper time together!

We definitely had amazing time last year, lots of trips away, weekends and weekdays for walks and talks and games and so on, but for the children it's never enough, so they wanted more this year.

And last Sunday was one of those days, still cold, muddy and not so pleasant, but at least had some sunshine and it felt like Spring is on its way. 
My son, who is 8 now, has been showing some interest in photography recently, seeing me taking photos all the time,setting up still life arrangements, walking around with the camera hanging on my neck for years and years, he asked me one day if he can have a go?! 
And this was a dream come trough for me. I gave him my Canon DSLR and told him briefly how it operates. 
It was so lovely seeing him enjoying it and thinking what to take pictures of. 
So last Sunday he said: Can I take the camera to the park?
This was a great opportunity for both of us to have some mummy and son time. The other two decided to come along. It was daughter and daddy time for them as we took long to walk. As you can imagine we stopped at every stone, flower, bug... It was so much fun. And he didn't give up, didn't have a strop, just was experimenting and enjoying the moment. 
I really hope he keeps loving it so we can share the same hobby and have fun together taking great images.

Here are my snaps from our walk and on my next post I will share some of his ( I need to upload them on the laptop...) 


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