Easy and quick vegan biscuits 

Hey, Saturday! Here we are again. 

The weather is rubbish and I wasn't sure what to do with the kids to keep them quiet and content, so I thought of baking cookies after a quick chat with a friend. 

She inspired me

And I remembered that I I bought those cookies stamps about a year ago or may be even longer...I used to make and bake very often and somehow when I started my "ex-job" again , I stopped , but here I am, flexible with working hours and able to bake again. So we made those very easy, cookies with my little girl. She did most of the work, even though she is only 3 and a half. I think she did pretty well, considering I left her for a few minutes on her own. She just needed to cut a few more but she did have enough time to stamp all of the ones were left at the table. ( that wasn't the idea, but hey ho! ) Anyway, we didn't burn them( completely) and they didn't end up on the floor or in the bin, so everyone is happy. I wanted to dip some in chocolate but they vanished in half an hour so will do next time. 

The recipe:

200 grams Sugar 

50ml water

400grams Flour

100grams oil


Mix the water and sugar for a few minutes , then add the oil and then the flour. Combine till you get a soft dough. Then the rest is fun . Bake for 15mins in 180 degrees.



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