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Madeleines made by girls

Isn't it strange when you have a plan and decide exactly what you want to do with your day something...more like your kids will decide to play up or get poorly and the plans go absolutely bust! So here I am, having quality time with my little girl who has been with a bit of temperature but as she can't go to play group, we have to entertain each other. So as we both love cooking and baking, and I got the madeleines tray the other day, it was obvious what the universe was telling us to do! Found the recipe quickly ( thanks God for Google) and here we go! These were so easy and Oh, my world!!! So delicious! I have to admit that in the rush and slight chaotic madness I forgot to butter the tray, but realised it after I dusted it with flour, so it was a bit tricky to get them out, but we still did an OK job.  So here is some evidence of those gorgeous sweet treats, and the recipe I followed. I adjusted the BBCGoodFood instructotions slightly so this is my take on it:

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