All about the coffee

This time It’s all about the coffee...

I was just having my dose of pleasure in the morning (after the child is dressed, washed and fed, sitting on the sofa, watching “Numtums” - some number program, actually very fun one), it was my 10 minutes of sitting and enjoying A CUP OF FRESHLY MADE COFFEE.

I love the smell, the taste...the whole almost religious tradition of drinking coffee.

And I’ve never ever enjoyed the rushed, plastic or even worst- paper, gigantic Grande Latte at Starbucks or Costa or any of the chains that actually taking the whole pleasure of having coffee.

“I pay so much money, I ll have the biggest existing portion”

Those, so called Cafes are spoiling everything that is important while having your portion of gratification.

The atmosphere in the shop doesn’t exist, the service is -Next one please, the coffee quality is OK..

-Take in? or Take out?


-I ll have it on the way to work...

I do have to admit, I have had it before on the train to work, or in the tube..but it’s never been pleasurable. Never had the time to notice the smell of it or the taste.

Was just like having water from the bottle.

Where are the lovely small cafes where you can sit in a friendly,warm,calm ambiance?

Where are the cafes that take time to choose their coffee and serve it with love in a clean and small cup full with flavor and aroma?

Not the next money making machine where you can taste the stupid paper and you need to have three hands to hold the enormous mug.

I suppose I live in a country that there is no tradition of having coffee, but even the locals are having their tea in a paper cups now.

I went to Italy, France,Spain,Greece...Morocco and the “ Coffee picture” is soooo different.

That’s how it was in “my country”, but even there the whole fashionable Starbucks is taking over, by the look of it.

People find it so cool to walk around the streets with a Starbucks bucket and sipping so named “Latte” or “Cappuccino”, “Hot chocolate “..

We have to Start appreciating this amazing drink, as old as the world.

We have to Activate our taste buds.

The beauty of having our “Good morning lovely day” - sit, play some good music, let the whole home smell of freshly prepared coffee and enjoy it, wake up slowly and let a little sneaky smile appear on your face....

That’s how I like it.


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