Easy and yummy

The next cooking task for the day was those very easy and yummmmmmmy cookies which we make a lot in Bulgaria but there are a few different recipes for it.
You don’t need lots of ingredients and it’s a straight forward too.
I chose this one given from a friend’s mum and is perfect for us as it’s not too sweet.
It’s great because once ready they are a lot!
So you have enough to eat while they are cooling down and still enough left to enjoy with coffee, friends, family or hidden somewhere on your own. Shushhhh! It’s a Secret!

2 eggs
1 cup sugar ( I used 3\4)
1/2 cup natural yogurt
1/2 cup oil
1tsp soda bicarbonate
about 500 gr self rising flour
Mix eggs and sugar together, add slowly oil, yogurt with the soda in it.
Mix soft dough as you are adding the flour little by little.
Form small balls and you could put inside a piece of nut-walnut,hazelnut or almond.Sprinkle little brown sugar and bake till lightly golden.
That’s all!
See, I was right! 
It’s easy.

PS:This is the journal I made the other night.
y-pear.blogspot.com for more photos and info of my crafty days and nights:)


rose said…
They look very tasty and easy to prepare. I will certainly try them! Have a nice day!

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