Keeping the tradition alive

Child in bed for afternoon nap, nice cup of coffee next to me, sun trying to win over clouds, me almost asleep too after reading a story to my son...
Now the Easter is over and all the food is almost eaten, no Easter bread - “Kozunak” is  left, just a few coloured eggs are sitting abandoned in the basket.
I had more plans for Easter decoration, food and preparations then I physically could manage and of course I left the ideas almost untouched.
I don’t know how some people could do everything they do with children running around,wanting to touch everything,crack eggs before they are actually even boiled not to mention coloured and ready for consumption.

Don’t get me wrong, it was fun but from about 40 eggs about 10 were broken, he cried about 5 times because he was dirty with paints all over him, he wanted to do things he couldn’t, he wanted to throw them and so on and so on.
Thanks God we had our friends over so we actually managed to save a few and hidden them on the top of the cupboards.
My husband, the most patient of us all, made the traditional panetonne- like bread (“Kozunak”), which took the whole day and turned out absolutely divine.
That was Saturday.

From this 

During the day we ate leftovers and chips from the Fish and Chip shop( yep, we do  that about 3 times of year) with salads.
 I didn’t have the time and energy to cook proper meals. But that was fine though. 
We had great German beer and lot of laugh.

The time had come to eat loads and loads of eggs and Kozunak!

                                                    To this

Little monkey decided he doesn’t like any of the offered breakfast and stuck to old toast with honey.
After we cracked the eggs - mainly my son of course, we decided to go to the local carboot sale. 
Can’t miss a sunny Sunday.
So after a few hours spent there was time to come back to the table and have some more delicious food.
Thank to my mum who looked after monkey and gave us some “air”, she rested the meat and fish - I decided to stick to non meat meals for now.
It was great table with great food and great friends and family.

We didn’t move from the table about 2-3 hours.Red wine was served too which made the table-siting longer. And the main thing was Sunshine was tucked in bed for his midday nap. So we had a proper relaxed feast.(He never sits and eats, he has to play, watch something, draw, read a book or some sort of entertainment has  to be organized.His energy level is so high that a sit down meal is like a little race. 
But we have the most fun chats around the table because exactly then he will start asking the most unusual questions and making the most funniest remarks too.
So I am not complaining, just sharing.

So this was my report from the past Weekend. Hope you enjoyed your stay and have a lovely week!


rose said…
Козунакът е чудесен на вид, личи си, че е направен с желание и любов! :) Благодаря за посещението и хубавите думи!
Yana K. said…
Mnogo blagodarq i az:)Za jalost az ne sum ot nai turpelivite i dobre che e moyata polovinka che da ni napravi chuden kozunak.

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