Mediterranean getaway

It’s been a little while since I last posted something on this space but we’ve been away for a long weekend to sunny Spain to visit our family and haven’t been in a mood to cook anything exciting, but most of all-didn’t have much time.
Hate unpacking and to be honest even now I still have things rolling in the half empty suitcase, waiting for my good will to take them out and put them where they belong to..
But here I am today, influenced from the Mediterranean spirit and sunshine, I am almost back on track and made those lovely olives with feta cheese in lots of extra virgin olive oil with chilli and thyme,some whole black pepper corns and nice bread to go with it.

As It is so called Spring, I fancied something fresh and light, even though non of the boys will love it as much as I do - I threw in the oven those green and crunchy courgettes with similar ingredients like the ones in the jar just added some spring onions and goat cheese.

Have to say a few words about our trip though,don’t I?
We have my in-lows living in Zaragoza,just between Madrid and Barcelona, which makes it  not on the coast line. 
It’s almost the same though, as the temperatures are, let’s say like in Valencia - I love Valencia more then Zaragoza as there is the sea, and the paella there is to die for.

BUT Zaragoza is lovely too.

It has the spirit of real Spain, untouched by the commercial tourist expectations.

 Not many people speak English, which make us put some effort to learn and speak a few words in this lovely language. ( I am determined to learn it, but this is another subject for may be another post).
We happened to be there for the Fiesta of the little neighborhood.
Every little town, neighborhood or even the smallest village has its own fiesta - celebrating its existence.

Everyone is off work for 2-3 days, everyone is out from about 12 o'clock( before that it’s a resting time, time to sleep, eat and relax. No one is in a rush) till may be midnight or later, there are fun-fares, bull fights and bull frights:), everyone is happy. Lots of whistles, drums, beer, children running and playing.

 Most of the people are dressed up, a lot of them belong to different”pena” - group of people with similar interests hire a shop space and turn it into little club. 

They get together ever so often and chat,drink,laugh...basically community spirit and friendship goes together.
 Normally they have they own uniform, outfit that separates them from the rest and on special occasions like this one, for example, they put them on.The name of the “pena” will be written or printed somewhere on the outfit.
We mixed with the locals and enjoyed it, to certain extend - not big fan of the bull fights and upsetting the poor animals - but the tradition is tradition and has to be kept alive.

 Our little boy absolutely loved the crowd and got into the spirit. 

There was life music too, free food and drinks, lots and lots of people gathering together and enjoying themselves.

Zaragoza as most of the Spanish towns I have been too, is covered in graffiti and street art. There are a few markets selling local produce and you will be crazy if you don’t get some chorizo and fish from there. 

There are lots and lots of small shops, “cerveceria”-s (pubs), coffee shops and restaurants.
The coffee is great, almost like in Italy.



 There are a few sights to visit too, but this time we gave them a miss as we have been there a few times already.

The weather was great and we didn’t catch the heath wave.

Zaragoza is located on the banks of the River Ebro and fishing is very popular,so my husband and his dad went to catch some, and came back with 3 decent size fish (which took them a whole day), we fried up for dinner.
 Great job boys! 

The little monkey was fascinated by the whole catching and bringing it home thing, as the boys put the fish in the bath  ( just to show to the smallest member of the family how interesting it is...)and let it enjoy life for a little longer before it became the main topic for our dinner conversation.
We had very relaxing and lovely fiesta and we hope we can go there again soon.

It was our little escape from the miserable weather in England.
The minute we were approaching Stansted airport the raindrops started to hit the plane windows and we knew we are back...


Shaheen said…
I have thoroughly enjoyed this post and your photographs too that have shown me a part of the world I have not ventured to yet. I love the graffiti/public art, so much colour, so Thank you for sharing. I am off to explore your blog a little more.
rose said…
Благодаря за интересната публикация! Хубаво е, че имаш възможността да смениш климата, поне замалко, да усетиш "кипящата" от живот Испания и горещия темперамент на испанците, които наистина знаят как да се веселят.:) Приятен уикенд!
Yana K. said…
Thank you very much ladies! It was lovely little trip as usual and actually i manage to spent some time with the camera:)