Some little projects

Just to let you know that this post will not be about food,but I just wanted to share some ideas I found on the net.
I have been thinking how to save space in our flat, which is not small but I don't want to over crowd it with too many things. Having small child  happened to be tricky and not ideal for little things laying around the floor,too many shelfs and too many decoration items even on the window sills. Even book shelfs are used for climbing and pretending to be mountains.
So I have been on a mission to find good storage and DIY projects - may be not just for myself as you know I am not very patient with very fiddly stuff.
I need some place to put my chopping boards as I do have somewhere to store them now but I don't think its ideal as Bambino uses them to make a hill for his cars.

I know, this is not a space saver, but I throw away so many cork tops I decided to keep them and find something to make out.
Love the wine that goes with them though:)

I don't have my own garden but have a communal one and the guys that look after it are great and I am sure they will appreciate this kind of thing.
I could even do that on my kitchen window as I have a little herbal garden going on there.

This I could easily turn into reality...

...and this but little monkey will love it too...

I can see that on my living room, almost french window....great stuff!

I think this is great if you have very high ceilings, otherwise would make the room small and low.

Love it!

When I see stuff like that I adore it but think of the cleaning part....
May be I am too practical.

This could be a little project for my sun, son!

This is something I like but can't see myself having it.

For my craft studio,but have to keep the door locked:)

These two are easy to do and think do save some space and looks very organised.

I have been looking around for some random baskets and jars...

Absolute favourite!

If we have stairs:)

How cool is this?!

Love suitcases in any shape,age and form!
If you have some that want to get rid of, let me know:)

...or old desks too...

This is what I found and I will be happy if anyone has better founds and share it with me:)


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