Sweet chilli dip

 I have been willing to make this dip for some time. Actually, after I tried it and was told ( by my mother in low) how easy and quick it is. 
I had the ingredients for a few days and was about time to start chopping.

So that’s all you need:

400 gr. red peppers
4 apples
3-4 red chillies
200 gr. sugar
a few aniseeds (3-4)
a few cumin seeds(3-4)
20 ml white wine

Chop all the fruit and veg and put them in a pot, cover with the sugar and boil it till almost ready and add the spices and wine.Boil for another 20 mins. 
I used a blender or you can use a food processor to mix it all very well and make it into a paste.
Then sieve it, so there is no pips and is all smooth. 
If its not thick enough you can boil it for a bit longer. 
Pour it in clean jars till hot and turn them over so they can form a vacuum and last longer.

I absolutely love it with cheese or even on a side of fish dish.


Bety said…
Beautiful photos and beautiful recipe!
Yana K. said…
Thanks a lot Bety:)

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