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Here I am again..with may be a bit brighter and more relaxed mind, after a long spring and half of the summer gone, I am almost ready for creative work, a proper job from September( part time thought), a few new challenges in my / our life and lots and lots of material to write about. 
I am not going to moan and complain about the last few months that I didn’t have a second free, but I will only say that I am happy it’s over, and I am very proud with the fact I have finished another chapter of my educational life!
I haven’t created anything recently, but I have traveled a bit and will “let you in” those short, but sweet trips of mine. 
I am planning to split them in few parts as I will be going through my photo collection and edit them as I go along. I don’t think I will bore you with lots of explanations and history facts. 
When organizing for the trips I’ve decided to pay attention to details and experiment with my new lens. 
This images are from a trip to Isle of White, which my beloved husband organized for me for our wedding anniversary. It was a surprise, which happen to be a very beautiful and peaceful one, even thou we took our little boy with us! We didn’t stay long, only two days, but was enough time to see lots of gems of this picturesque place.

Would love to go again!

These are images from the Smallest working Water Mill


(Shanklin Chime and some wonderful views)

This was in a lovely family run coffee shop with Seriously good coffee and homemade ice creme!



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