Do you remember...

 I have been thinking about this post since we have the new edition in our family but needed to collect more material for it..
 I keep seeing lots of posts about how different it is the second time around, that you don't do the "same mistakes" , that you are more prepared and you know what you are doing....all sort of things like that.
Either I haven't learned from my first one NOTHING or the other people are making it up so it sounds easy so other people decide to have more kids. 
Yes, " you have been there before" but every time seams to be differnt-for me anyway. May be because of the age gap- 5 years is not that little gap but, come on- I should know the major stuff. 
Give you an example- before I had any kids I was saying: Well, I will not tip - toe in my house when the baby is asleep, will teach her/him to sleep through noise." 
Yeah, right!
I did start like that but when the little monkey decided to sleep only for 20mins and then stay awake for 2 hours-I am talking about a new born...and during the night is almost the same story,  I started to tip toe and "shush" everyone!!!  Even I went and told off the neighbours a few times.
And here we are -second child.
" I will not make the same mistake. She needs to learn to sleep through the noise as her older brother will not keep quite because of her" 
But....this one is the same as her brother-she has little naps and there is house work to be done.  And. I tip toe and make everyone to tip-toe around or even not go from room to room. I give Mr M. To watch TV,  to play on his tablet, draw on the walls-just to keep silence. 
Rocking to sleep?!
No way this time!
Not again! My back hasn't recovered from the first one still...
But I do rock her to sleep, do walk around the house with her in my arms, do sing to her...and I love it!!
Yes,  I do! Honestly!
I know I will not have another child (35- 2 children, that's more then perfect for us) ,so I am going to enjoy it 110% and don't care about my back. 
People say: it's so much easier with the second one, you ve been there you have done it before..."
Well, not too sure about that one too. Yes, may be. I am a bit older now and have a bit more experience. But I still panic if she coughs and is sick, or starts crying hysterically and can't have her breath back, or sleeps longer then usual...In my book-is called parenting or may be crazy parenting. 
I can say that I have learned to control my panicking a bit more and may be I am a little more patient this time. I am more relaxed about routines and those subjects like controled crying and set schedule are long forgotten, and never gonna give them a go again.
I love the sling, the dummy, the baby lullabies versions on you tube( we use them at night to help little princess fall asleep- does do the trick), the relaxed approach and no more experiments with certain technics. This time I will do what my heart says not some "experts". 
I have forgotten how to do the weaning, what's expected for This age, milestones,how to massage a tiny baby, etc.May be it's better that I don't remember it, and I have the fun again, the pleasure to read my baby Bible again and remind myself that everything has to be done with heart and soul, no rules. Just pure LOVE!


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