Some grown up stuff

I can't tell you how many times I started this post in my head and I leave it there! Anyway, I found a quicker way to post from an app from my phone! Gosh! I don't even need the laptop anymore. 

So, now we have an allotment and I wanted to share some experience and joy we all have from this so grown up "business ".

The whole thing started a few months ago when a client of mine put this "bug" in my head. The minute I finished her haircut and sent her through the salon door I was emailing the local council about availability in our area. Got a fast reply that there is a waiting list( which I was expecting anyway). 

About a month later I got a phone call and here we are now! We have our own little plot of land that we can grow veggies and fruit as well as flowers and lots of slugs.

The main reason I applied was that the kids can go out every day and spend some time getting dirty in the fresh air. A reason to disconnect them from the screens too. And I have to say that they love it. They never need begging to go out and they find it hard to leave too. 

 We started little garden at home too before we got the allotment so we have something growing at our doorstep as well. 

To be honest I never thought I will be so excited to have a garden and see little leaves coming through the soil but believe me I do!  I am a city girl and a few months ago if someone told me that I will be digging and getting muddy I think I would have laughed and replied- No way! Never!

But here I am, going to the garden centres, buying seeds, tools and compost and having lots of fun! My husband is the main person who is running it as he has lots of knowledge and much more experience then me but I do help and lern as we go along. I even watch YouTube videos.

I am posting some images from the start till now and will keep posting the progress. I hope we will get some veggies at the end though. For now we have the pleasure to witness the growing leaves...

This is how it all started.


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