Chilli burgers for chilli winter days

Here it is the recipe for those so delicious and easy burgers:

1kg free range pork( only) mince

1/2 tsp crushed dry chilli

1 egg

1 cup sourdough homemade bread, dried and crushed to bread crumbs 

A few strands chopped thyme

Handful chopped parsley 

1 onion ( chopped finely and cooked till it looks translucent )


Black pepper 

Everything is well combined and made into burgers. Fry in hot oil. 

The salad:

A packet of Bistro salad




Pumpkin seeds 

Sunflower seeds

100-150gr feta


1tsp Dijon mustard 


Olive oil 

Pinch of black pepper 

I don't know about you guys, but I really appreciate the fact that mince exists. It is soooo versatile, so easy to work with and if the meat is good quality the dish will be delicious too. We generally buy either free range or organic pork mince ( I suppose it is closest to taste as the one we have been brought up with) and We all enjoy it in "hundreds" possible ways. With pasta, with rice( stuffed peppers, wine leaves, aubergines...) in moussaka, with potatoes, mince pies, all sort of different pies, lasagna, burgers, meatballs...Cooks quick and so easy too.

Do you have a favourite recipes with mince?

I would love to know how you flavour and cook your favourite mince dish.  

Have a wonderful week ahead and stay warm ( here in UK it will be veeeery cold apparently! )


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