Have some Scones and never give up

Hi everyone, 
I have had a great, long break from blogging...not that I needed it but it's just happened. I am full with ideas, inspired and ready for the new year. 
2016 was chucking at us all sort of crazy surprises and great moments to remember with a smile on our faces and I hope that 2017 will be even better in that aspect.
I still haven't shared some images from our Bulgarian summer trip, which was the highlight of the year, but very soon I will do that and hope you will enjoy the virtual excursion. 
It seams that every year I promise to myself that I will spend more time with the camera and write about my ventures and at the end I can't get to do it but I will do my best this year. 
I have been down with a flu for the last few day but as I am not a person that can stay in bed for days I got a bit insane and to cure my boredom and headache from spending too long on the pillow Idecided to bake something quick and easy.
I had tried to make scones before but the result wasn't great so I decided to give it another go.
It was "second time lucky" as I followed Mrs Berry's recipe and they were delicious. My son absolutely loved them and couldn't have enough of them! 
I never liked scones as every time I decided to give them another chance I got disappointed and at the end I gave up and stopped ordering them in coffee shops. They always have this soda taste or of too much baking powder...or they have this funny texture of too much preservatives and rising agents. Anyway, thanks to Mary Berry I find them now very nice with a cup of Earl Gray tea in a cold winter afternoon.( I can't belive I am actually talking about tea as I am a coffee drinker and have tea only if I am ill) As they happened to be very easy to make too, they might become a family favourite and especially a lunch box's "friend". Very often I make something homemade for The "sweet" compartment for my kids lunchboxes. They both are very fussy eaters and never like what they ve been offered at school or nursery so that  makes my life a little bit harder and challenging as I always try to give them a healthier option to the packaged or readymade stuff. So, those scones went down very well...well at least with the male part of the family as my little girl got the dry fruits out, ate only them and left the rest to the boys. 
The only change I made to the original recipe is that I added dry fruit not just raisins as that's what I had in the cupboard and I wasn't well enough to get out and go to the shop to get the right ingredients.

Here is the image that prove me right and I hope you might like the recipe and the result as much as we did.   

Please let me know how you get on if you decide to make them yourselves.



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