Is it lunch time yet?!

I so love easy and quick lunches. Generally during the work week I have salads but Monday and Tuesday are my days off( Sundays too, thanks God! ) , so I prepare something more time consuming ( if 15 mins is time consuming). My husband works from home so this is the days we eat together( just two of us for lunch)  slowly and enjoying every bite, talk and make plans. The kids usually are at school and preschool at that time, so I make dishes that they wouldn't eat...They are typical    kids- no greens, no beans, no raw vegetables... This was our yesterday's meal. I still have some beautiful Blue cheese from Dorset Blue Vinny, which I did some collaboration work recently and they were sooo good and sent me a big chunk of their absolutely heavenly delicious cheese and chutneys. I wish I live close to Dorset so I can get a regular supply. 

(I will do a separate post about the experience and the tasty photoshoot I did for this great company.)

So here is The recipe for this gorgeous easy lunch dish: 

You will need:

A packet of cavolo nero very finely chopped 

Leek (chopped )

Red chilli 🌶-( chopped) 

Rock salt

Black pepper 

70ml double cream

4 eggs

Good slice of my favourite blue cheese- Dorset Blue Vinny

Preheat the oven to 190-200 degrees (fan). 

Heat some oil in a shallow pan,

Add the leek and a splash of water, after few minutes add the chilli and cook for another few minutes. Add the cavolo nero and cook again for 3-4 mins till slightly softened. Stir in the black pepper and salt. Mix the eggs with the cream -in a separate bowl. 

In a tart dish( I used some baking paper at the bottom so the egg doesn't leak out, as my tin is with loose bottom), spread the vegetable mix and then poor over the egg mixture. Sprinkle chunks of the blue cheese. Bake in the oven for 15mins or till the egg is set. It takes about 15 mins to prepare and is sooo yummy. Wish the kids would eat it but...Never mind. With glass of cold white wine, beautiful!

I just wish that the kids would eat it. But anyway...with a glass of cold white wine...can't be any better. 

Happy day!


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