All over the place

Gosh, I really lost the feel of time and how quickly it flies...just disappears in a flash.
In this time, last year (that somehow I completely abandoned my Blog space), so many things had happened- the children( and not only them) are a year older, we have cooked million of dishes, traveled a few countries, did some great little trips here and there, had a few new people in our life and lost a few too, another lovely Christmas and here it is- Easter ( the Orthodox Christian one) is on our door step- again.
Has been a lovely year all together. Normally you have those lines of thoughts around Christmas time, right?! Anyway...
What I wanted to write about initially was What am I thinking about these days.

Have you ever felt trapped in your own ideas?! So trapped that you can't even find a way to get out of it?! It seams like you are going in circles and not getting anywhere. You are not depressed or down, just want to get clearer head!?
  You need something new, new adventure, new challenge, new passion...
That's me.
My brain feels like it's frozen. I need a change!
I jump from idea to idea. I have so many things that I can see myself doing. So many things that i would love to do- work, business-wise, that I can't stop on one. Or may be I can but there are always things that will not let me do it NOW. And I am not the patient kind of girl. I have to see results quickly, decisions made in a second. This wondering around, not knowing what to do and when is driving me crazy sometimes.
I do love being a mum, cooking, planning life around the kids is fun and I wouldn't have it any other way. But have to sort out those thoughts of mine and put them in direction.
My husband thinks that my head is like a washing machine and i need to give it a break. Everything will come to place naturally, so he says.
I think I like being under pressure, and if I am not, I panic.
I can't sit still. I have to do things, on a fast pace. I can't sit back and relax!
Even if I sit at the table and have a cup of coffee I would get up a few times to do something. I just can't sit still. Now I know where my 7 year old boy gets it from...I thought it was from his dad all the way trough! :))
Or...May be I need another Holiday!! Yeah!

Well, that's that!

On a more positive note, Spring is here and the sun is out so may be I will get to any conclusion some time soon or I will wait for the stage to past and let the universe decide for me. Sometimes I believe that that's the best way.

After the second child of ours I am struggling with getting back in shape and it has been a little nightmare. So I decided, instead of stressing myself out to be as good as I can. I have always been very healthy, myself and my family. cooking everything from scratch, eating Good Foods and so on.
I had Vega test done and now I am following it. As well as I am trying to avoid red and heavy meet, have been fasting since the end of March and I am feeling much better. I have calmed down about tho whole kilograms business. I have started to make a few of Deliciously Ella recipes, have been very into juicing and raw food. Lets see how I get on and will keep you updated  (Or I will try, anyway:)).

Here are some photos from one of my trips to Cambridge.

Beautiful Place full with history, young people and great atmosphere.

I hope you will enjoy the little photo journey!


Unknown said…
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