Something like a risotto, something like a paella 

I very often prepare a quick lunch on my days off during the week and today was one of those days that I try to fit everything in 4-5 hours( while the little one is at pre-scool and the older one- at school). 

I so wanted to incorporate spinach in a dish... I have been craving it for a while ( the spinach...) So here is the recipe I quickly put together ( I am sure I haven't discovered anything so special and unique but it was very tasty).

All you need is:

A bag of baby spinach- cut almost like for pesto

An onion

A few cloves of garlic

Packet of mushrooms - cut very small

A red chilli. -chopped very finely too

Cup of baldo rice( I get It from the turkish shops, but you could use a paella rice)

Paella dry mix spices

Black pepper 

Chicken stock 

And parmesan for grating 

A softly boiled egg

Firstly cook the onion, very finely chopped, add the garlic and chilli, the spices, then add the mushrooms, cook for a few minutes, followed by the spinach. Cook for a few minutes. Add the stock (cube or concentrate) then the rice. Cook it till it's translucent and add the water and some salt. Put a kitchen foil over the pan and simmer. Stir if you need to but try not to do it too often, otherwise will get too mushy. 

 That's all!

When serving, add the boiled egg and cut it carefully then grate some parmesan. Mmmm...

Hope you enjoyed it and let me know your thoughts on that one!

Have a wonderful rest of the week! Mine will start tomorrow!



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