Pumpkin, but not for Halloween

2nd May?
Where is the sun we have been waiting for?

The fresh warm breeze, long and sunny afternoons?

It’s only rainy, cloudy and sunless reality...

But we are still waiting and hopping.

I don’t let the bad weather effect me and captured some images from our lovely garden and fields recently. At least the plants, trees and grass love that grayish weather with a few spells of sunshine which makes them blossom and sprout and make us happy. 

These, almost cold temperatures, made me prepare a soup which recipe I have from my German friend Katja.

I kind of changed it slightly as I had chorizo and the recipe is with German salami and may be with some different spices but, after talking about the recipe with her about one million times, I never really wrote it down so was a bit embarrassed to call Katja again,so made it up a bit.
The result, YUM!
Chorizo, pumpkin,cream,,,garlic!
Here it is in pictures and text  of course:)
1 medium size butternut squash - peeled,seeded,chopped in cubes
70 g spicy chorizo cut into circles
5-6 cloves garlic - whole, not peeled
bunch of thyme
black pepper

sea salt
extra virgin olive oil
150 ml double cream
5-6 shallots
4-5 small potatoes - chopped very small
1tbsp cumin
300-400 ml chicken or veg stock
Preheat the oven on 190C and put in a baking tray the butternut squash, garlic, spices and herbs, olive oil and pinch of salt.Bake till the pumpkin is soft.

Meanwhile, chop the shallots and fry them with the chorizo in a cooking pot till soft.

When the pumpkin is ready add to the rest of the ingredients, add the potatoes, the stock to cover the vegetables and boil till the potatoes are cooked and soft.

At the end pour some cream and some salt if needed. Cook for a few more minutes and blitz it if you wish. I only did it for a few seconds so it has some texture and not too smooth.

Gutten Appetit!

PS: Thank you, my lovely Katja!


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